The 5 Biggest Benefits to Aging — According to Old Baby Boomers

Joan Gershman
4 min readApr 17, 2022
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NOTE: I can’t believe I must write this disclaimer, but even we Baby Boomers are not immune from the “sensitivity culture” that permeates our society today. Everyone takes everything so seriously. Everyone is offended by everything. This article is meant as HUMOR and SATIRE and was written to hopefully provide you with a few good chuckles, not insult senior citizens ( a group to which I belong).

Millennials (age 26–41) and the younger end of Generation X ( ages 42–57) rule the world. They drive the trends in everything:

· What is advertised and purchased

· The type of transportation used

· Food trends

· How and where that food is consumed

· Housing trends — renting vs buying

· Decorating trends

· Child-rearing practices

· Political stances

· The type of jobs they have and where they are willing to do them.

That is everything that used to be attributed to us Baby Boomers, the generation that is now relegated to the trash heap of ideas and trends. But despair not, my fellow Baby Boomers, there are some benefits to having lived into one’s 7th decade.

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Aging are:






Thought you were going to get the standard “Age is Wisdom” crap from me, did you? The Internet is full of inspirational articles espousing the benefits of having lived for 70+ years, including all that come with them:

· Decades of workplace experience

· Survived relationships and marriages, good and bad

· Survived (barely) raising children

· Dealt with illness and death

· Lived through Tragedy and Triumph (Sorry for the cliché, but it fits here)

· Witnessed and participated in some of the most monumental historic events, including wars, assassinations, and social/political change marches.

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