Medium Says I Should Introduce Myself — Come Take a Peek

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If you were expecting nude photos or pictures of me bungy jumping, parachuting out of a plane, mountain climbing,

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or some other life-threatening skill to get your attention, so sorry. What you are going to get is an introduction to a prolific, eclectic, experienced writer. Or in simple language — I’m an old lady who writes a LOT about a LOT of different stuff.

Really. I’ve been at this writing gig a long time, and now that I’m retired with health issues and need to make money, I thought — why not try profiting from my skill? According to the 10,000 or so “How To” articles I have read on Vocal and Medium, it should be a breeze to make $5,000 a month from writing. Yes, well, that’s a story for another time.

For now, I will give you a quick summary of what I am all about. Since all the “Writing for the Internet” articles I have read tell me that readers respond to quick lists, rather than long narratives, here you are:

1. Starting way back — Providence Journal (Providence, Rhode Island) columnist — Weekly high school news

2. Developer and writer for my own award-winning website 2007–2015 — a site for support and information unique to spouses of Alzheimer patients — active during my husband’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. I wrote over 800 blogs.

3. Developer and writer for my own website — — whimsical blogs on every day life.

4. writer — First 6 months on the platform — 7 Top Story honors; 2 Creators We Love honors; 1000 reads milestone; 50 stories published milestone; Finalist in Fiction Challenge.

5. Started on Medium on February 4, 2022. Now publishing in Medium Publications — Illuminations Mirror; Illuminations Curated — only most accomplished writers accepted; Boomers, Bitches, and Babes; PetPoints; and Crow’s Feet

My writing categories include:

Weight Loss Series — 9-part series published in segments — My Weightloss Journey Through Bariatric Surgery

Informative Alzheimer Article Series — 7 parts and more to come

Dog Loving Stories

“How To” articles related to writing

Life as a Widow

My Love Story

Inspirational Stories

Whimsical Stories about Everyday Life

Customer Service Fiascos

Exercise and Fitness

Fiction — short stories

Anything that jumps into my mind at the oddest times

So there you have it. All you need to know about me to inspire you to read my stuff:

4 Time Florida Delegate to Washington, DC Alzheimer’s Forum

NBC News — Faces of Caregivers — Scroll to 2nd story — Disease Tore Through Our Lives Like a Tornado by Joan Gershman

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Joan Gershman

Joan Gershman


2 X TOP WRITER; Retired Educator; Speech/Language Therapist; English Teacher;;; writer; Vocal Writer