Kylie Jenner’s Niche Made Her a Billionaire — Will my niche do the same for me?

Joan Gershman
4 min readApr 6, 2022
Kylie Jenner — Pinterest

Get a niche! Get a niche! You’ll never be a successful Internet writer without a niche. This advice permeates every writing platform on the Internet. According to, a niche is a “distinct segment of a market”; “having specific appeal”, in which you have expert experience.

What that simply means is you need to focus on one specific topic in which you are an experienced expert, that will be followed by one specific group interested in that topic and write the crap out of it. Write consistently on subjects related to your main topic; subjects that are filled with interesting, informative, entertaining content that will keep your audience returning for more. Once your audience gets to know and trust your opinion, you will have a loyal following that will buy anything you are selling. Or read anything you write.

Kylie Jenner’s niche is make-up and clothing. Her audience is vulnerable, gullible pre-teens and teens who are led to believe that they, too, will be as stunningly gorgeous as Kylie if they wear her make-up and clothes. Thus, her products flew off the shelves, making her a billionaire by the age of 21.

The phenomenal financial success of a young girl with limited education is not the norm. A huge factor in her success is that she had seasoned, experienced professionals in every aspect of business behind her. She had the guidance and advice of every accountant, money manager, marketing expert, make-up company, talent agent, and business manager that her mother’s money and influence could buy. Most of us do not have that type of backing.

But, according to every Internet Writing Self-Help article written, we don’t need any of that to be successful. All we need is a “niche”. And 5000+ hours of marketing work to build an audience to find and read our “niche” articles.

Here I am, old enough to be Kylie’s grandmother, with a lifetime of experience in various fields behind me. I’m going out on a limb here to say that I am better educated than she and a better writer than she could ever imagine being. But she’s the billionaire, and I’m — NOT.

So, without the benefit of an army of professionals behind me, I am going to rely on my life’s experience and choose…

Joan Gershman

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