Frogs in Your Toilet? — Shock, Awe, and How You Can Get Rid of Them…..It Happened to Me

Joan Gershman
4 min readMay 18, 2022
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There are some of nature’s creatures that I simply unequivocally hate. I find them gross, repulsive, and downright frightening. Frogs hold the #1 position on my list, having pushed even alligators out of the top spot for this Floridian.

I am not likely to encounter an alligator in my closet or hiding in a corner of my bathroom, but frogs are sneaky little buggers and show up in all the wrong places.

The story that will follow me to my grave by well-meaning friends who love a laugh at my expense, started with a paper hand-wiping towel on the floor of my guest bathroom. I had recently purchased a supply of decorative hand towels and had stacked them neatly on the vanity. As I was walking by the bathroom, I noticed one of the towels on the bathroom floor.

I was perplexed as there was no fan on in that bathroom; there is no window that could be opened. Could the air conditioning vent have been blowing hard enough to whisk paper towels onto the floor? I restacked the towels and didn’t give it too much thought after that.

Later that day, I was walking by that bathroom again, when — whoosh — I swear I saw something fly across the tub. Okay, now I’m getting more than a little nervous. The last time I encountered “flying objects” in my house, they turned out to be frogs leaping? flying? from the open patio door to the kitchen stovetop in the house my late husband and I built when we first moved to Florida 16 years ago. As was his job throughout our marriage, he bravely caught the creature for me and threw it back outside.

But this time, I was alone. No husband to rescue me. Heart pounding, sweat beginning to form on my brow, I slammed the bathroom door, placed a heavy towel across the small, slit opening between the bottom of the door and the threshold, and sat down to think.

If it WAS a frog that I saw, how could it have gotten into the house? As previously mentioned, the window above the tub is decorative only. It can’t be opened. There were no holes in the floor or cracks in the tile. What? Where? How did this creature enter my bathroom?

It took two days for me to brave opening that bathroom door again, but I couldn’t keep it closed…

Joan Gershman

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